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You might not believe it, but by following and sharing what we do through your social networks, you can help us a lot. Not only you’ll get updated information about our activities, more people will know about them, and more people will be able to benefit from our programs, others might help us in volunteering activities or connecting with possible allies and, even with a single click of yours, a person or institution could contribute financially so that we can continue working for the benefit of the children and youth of Los Cabos.

So give us a few seconds of your time, follow us on your favorite social networks and share our publications.

Help us improve our messages

There are many ways you can help us; not all involve giving money or being physically present. You can contribute with us by writing an article of interest to be published on our blog. If you know about video production and animation, you could help us by making an animated video, that way our messages will be more attractive. You can also share photos or videos that you have taken from one of our activities or from a topic of interest to our readers and followers.

Please, do not underestimate what you can do, something that may seem simple and small for you, it can mean a great contribution for us and our beneficiaries.

If you have questions about what to do, contact us:


No, we do not want you to come to our office to make some copies. We want to give our community the best we have and, in order to do it, we want each one of us to do exactly what he/she stands out, we want you to do something that you like and give it to our community. So, if you know about marketing, you can advise us on how to do best a fundraising campaign. If you work on any topic related to education, especially children or the youth, you can definitely help us; the same if you know about legal, accounting, management, in short, if your desire is to help, there are many ways in which you can do it.

Of course we also have activities in which you can get involved without necessarily involving your professional activity, either in our daily work or in specific events.

Also, if you wish, we can put you in touch with other social organizations that need volunteers.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

Social Investors

Nothing we do would be possible without the economic support of the people, organizations and companies that support us, whom we no longer call donors but social investors, because, with their contributions, they invest in the development of society, which is much more transcendent and responsible than a simple charitable act, however noble this virtue may be.

On this webpage you can find different forms and destinations to earmark your contribution or, if you prefer, you can contact us so we can give you details about our needs:

Remember that we are a 501 (c) (3) authorized by IRS to issue tax deductible receipts valid in the USA.