Strategic Objectives


To improve the lives of the people of southern Baja, by supporting NGOs in Los Cabos, working in the field of education. IMF mission is to provide education, training and life skills to children, youth and adults who would otherwise not have this opportunity, working closely and strategically with its grantees and partners.


To aid our grantees develop skills of problem solving, consultation and leadership. These skills, when applied to the social issues in their community, allows recipient organizations and their members to realize their full potential, develop confidence and have a voice in their future.  They can then truly become agents of social change. 



Through which we open our minds, souls and hearts to perceive the life of others from their perspective and, thus, giving us the possibility to understand their emotions.


Not only in money issues, not even in terms of accountability, which we will obviously know how to do, but in all our relationships, goals and actions.


Towards the people who share our thoughts and dreams and have joined us and contribute in different ways, also to those who allow us to become part of their lives, towards this organization that gives us the opportunity to make a change in the lives of people and their communities, as well as to those achievements that we have conquered.


What makes us not only honest with the resources we handle, but also responsible for fulfilling our promises and objectives, authentic in the relationships we maintain and congruent in all our actions.


Taken to an ethical sense in which, to achieve it, we must provide each issue with the greatest importance and perform them with absolute seriousness, responsibility and determination. Excellence must be present at every moment in our actions, saying and thinking, giving ourselves to our mission to the fullest.