Update on the Youth Center

The construction of the Los Cabos Community Youth Center has already begun. Of course, it’s not as simple as putting one brick over other and you’re done; that’s why we invite you to read these lines and enjoy this adventure with us.
Let’s start by providing peace of mind to genuine concern to some people. As some of you know, the municipality of Los Cabos donated the property where the Community Center will be located. This land was, sometime ago, a dumpster, literally. Well, one of the jobs that was done was to dig several meters of trash, remove them and put stuffing to make the place safe in terms of soil and hygiene. It should be noted that this is the first time that something like this has ever been done in the area; in fact, we had to bring experts from other cities to do the job.

Once that part was completed, the land was leveled and prepared for the construction we wish to build. Approximately at that time, we were forced to stop work by a request from the municipality. Again, the municipality donated the property and as the elections (federal and local) approached, the municipal authorities didn’t want this to be seen as an act of proselytizing and they asked us to stop the work. Even though, legally, we could have refused, we decided to have a good relationship with the government and meet their requests, even though they didn’t have a solid legal basis.

Continuing with the good news and the progress in the construction of the Community Youth Center, the foundations and the anchors were laid, we received the steel and soon we will begin to see big machines building this beautiful building.
It is our wish that, just as we prepare the land to build the Community Center, the social organizations that will be with us, such as Gente Joven por Cambio, the Green Scholarship Program or Amigos de los Niños, will find a firm floor to perform their work better and give more and better services to the community and that this Youth Center becomes one of the foundations that allows a strong and sustainable growth to our children and youth.

To finish it we need your support and for that reason, on November 29th we will organize a great fundraising event. The venue will be Cabo Wabo, in Cabo San Lucas, at 6:30 pm. We will have great artists; there will be dance, dinner and auctions. You cannot miss it! Let’s build together the hope of Los Cabos.

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